Combining Heart and Mind Awareness


Einstein didn’t come up with his theories by thinking. He went into a dreamlike state and he played out his theories by mocking up visualizations that took on a life of their own to show him the truth or flaw in his thinking. He expanded his mind
beyond the mind by utilizing the heart center as well..

There is a glass ceiling on thinking. It shows up in intelligent people who become less open to listening and more intent on thinking. There is a glass ceiling on coming from the heart as well. It manifests as a naive outlook. It doesn’t have the edge of someone coming from the mind.

It is a rare that someone can combine heart awareness and mind intelligence. Yet we are all capable of it.It is in utilizing these two components together that we ignite our capacity to achieve greatness. Greatness is subjective though. To me, whatever brings the most joy, love, abundance, freedom and wholeness to the most individuals is greatness. It could be a person. or animal, tree, plants, a billion blades of grass or life itself.

Love’s Appeal


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Tell me I don’t matter
Tell me you don’t care
Tell me it’s all bullshit
That you’re not really there

Tell me there’s no freedom
That everything’s a lie
Carelessly chuckle and walk away
As you watch me die


Tell me there is purpose
In all we say and do
Give me reason to believe
In Love, in life, in you

Plant a garden with your words
Make each day a song
Give all a reason to exist
Tell us we belong

Give all purpose, don all truths
Make all scenarios win win
From the ashes of defeat
sprouts of providence begin

See Peace when others envision war
Talk advantage when others spout loss
Risk vulnerability and feeling raw
Show kindness at any cost

Encourage, enlighten, visualize, evolve
Empathize, appreciate, heal
Cater to one’s sense of higher truth
To deliver Love’s appeal

It doesn’t really matter
What you say or do
As long as you act from the depth of Love
And know that place is you.

Jen Ward 6/27/14

The Spiritual Law of Duality


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Please don’t feel bad if you are not called to get involved with current events. One of the Spiritual Laws of Life is the Law of duality; meaning there is no good without bad, no hills without valleys etc.

There is always an opposite point of view to counter our own. (No matter how just we are) When we refuse to engage in debate and get involved, we are refusing to set up an opposite affect to our vantage point. We are choosing to bow out. By doing so, we are not feeding that back and forth banter of society. We are rising above the fray.

The misnomer is thinking that people who don’t participate are apathetic or indifferent. Many people who have opted out of participating are transcending the them vs us mode. It doesn’t mean they they are lazy or don’t care. They are actually withdrawing their energy from group dynamics that don’t work. The reason there are so may homeless people, people incarcerated and drop outs is because people are organically dropping out of a nine to five ( linear existence). This is the upgrade,

This is not a judgement of those who get involved. Everyone plays their part. And to judge would be to swoop back down into the fray. To stay neutral is to let an issue die of it’s own accord.

When Did Truth Die?


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Truth has gone the way of white bread.
The last ingredient on a mass produced label
Far behind “Agenda” and “Special Interest”
Stretched and distorted with it’s own special sulphates
Never organic

Truth has become an ancient dialect
There’s merely an inflection hinted at in some words
An accent or a spelling….but never the root.
Only a distant memory of a people that once spoke it
Did they really exist?

There’s stories taught to children
The greatest men of a new land risked all to stake it’s claim
Generations fought and died to preserve it.
There’s only speculations of
“How did it die?” “When did it die?”

It is no wonder no one understands it.
There are only the ridiculous few who believe that it exists
In small inner circles, we seek it out
And know it’s not in the bloated intentions of the status quo
Where there has never been any sightings

Jen Ward

Technique for those who run negative scenarios in their head.


It is an indication of stagnant energy that wants to release so it manifests as thoughts. Visualize a bubble of Light in front of you and put the negative scenario in it and send it away. This will help the secondary wave of negative thoughts that come with it. Thoughts of how awful it is to have those thoughts.

The bubble of light will take the energy away and dissolve the contents of the bubble and recycle it into pure energy.

Auto Immune Disease


Recently I connected with someone who had an auto immune issue. Auto immune is an issue where the body attacks itself right? Many times the body is in conflict with itself in the course of life. There are many devastating examples.


Many people have an aversion to kill yet they are forced to defend their land in war.. That sets up a dichotomy in them which is worse if they don’t believe the cause for war is a noble one. Many times through history people have been used as pawns for those hungry for power.


We love our children so much. But there have been times in many of our pasts where we were raped and impregnated by men who have been our enemy. The love of our child is mixed with hatred for their other parent. This creates a dichotomy as well. Interesting too, it can create a conflict in the child as well.


Many times we have love and been scorned, been humiliated when we tried, failed when we put our life blood into a cause and died defeated or in anguish abandonment or despair. These register strongly on the future “us” we embody.

Auto immune may be these conflicts being played out at a cellular level. Maybe this is the psyche’s way to bury the turmoil so that they don’t have to feel anything emotional. Maybe it is a form of self punishment for past transactions. If so, here are some taps to bring a reality check to the physical body and to clear cellular conflict. It is worth a try right?


Say each statement out loud 3 times while tapping on your head and a 4th time while tapping on your chest


“I release all self loathing; in all moments”

“I release all inner conflict; in all moments”

“I release punishing myself; in all moments”

“I release attacking myself; in all moments”

“I release all cellular confusion; in all moments”

“I release being my own worse enemy; in all moments”

“I release the pain and trauma of living with the enemy; in all moments”

“I disarm the struggle between love and hate within myself; in all moments”

“I release the pain and trauma of being forced to kill; in all moments”

“I release willingly killing; in all moments”

“I release being entrenched in guilt, pain and trauma; in all lifetime”

“I release being paralyzed in dis-ease; in all moments”

“I release the genetic propensity for self defeat; in all moments”

“I release carrying the burden of disappointment of all my ancestors; in all moments”

“I recant all vows and agreements I have made with myself; in all moments”

“I remove all curses I have made with myself; in all moments”

“I dissolve all karmic ties I have tangled myself in; in all moments”

“I remove all the guilt, pain, fear, limitations, engrams and self destruct mechanisms that I have put on myself; in all moments”

“I take back all the joy, love, Abundance, freedom, health, success, security, companionship, creativity, peace, life, wholeness, enthusiasm, contentment and enlightenment that I have kept from myself in all moments”

“I release pushing away all the joy, love, Abundance, freedom, health, success, security, companionship, creativity, peace, life, wholeness, enthusiasm, contentment and enlightenment in all lifetimes.

“I shift my paradigm from dis-ease to self-love; in all moments”

“I release resonating with disease; in all moments”

“I release emanating with disease; in all moments”

“I remove all dis-ease from my sound frequency; in all moments”

“I remove all dis-ease from my light body; in all moments”

“I transcend all dis-ease; in all moments”

“I am centered and empowered in joy, love, Abundance, freedom, health, success, security, companionship, creativity, peace, life, wholeness, enthusiasm, contentment and enlightenment; in all moments”


If you have a loved one that is incapacitated, you can do these taps for them by using the word “we’ instead of “I”. Some will argue with this saying that you will be taking on their karma by doing this but I disagree. If you are loving someone who is incapacitated, you are already in it with them. Also, there s a spiritual law that trumps all other spiritual laws. It is the law of love.


Love is a karmaless act. If you don’t agree, just don’t do the taps, But any personal aspersions to me for sharing, will just be chalked up as a lack of compassion and understanding of the spiritual law of love. We are here to love. That is the one abiding law of the land. I am centered and empowered in knowing that love is a karmaless act .