The difference Between World Peace and Communism


The experiment of communism was originally a vision for world peace that was executed wrong. It was before it’s time. To see a classless society where everyone worked according to their ability and everyone is equal was a great notion but they did it by stripping the individual of their power NOT by empowering them. That is where communism failed. It existed

on a foundation of poverty for all and fed people’s empowerment to a controlling party. The word is still working itself of the deficiencies that it has caused and the psyches it has damaged.

No. World peace is, and must be based on empowerment for all. The controlling factions that are fat with power and greed must be stripped of all that they have taken from the individuals and it must be returned. Each individual must be honored and respected and thrive on the perpetual joy of living their purpose and honoring their gifts. Of course this also includes accountability for their own behavior and actions.

The key to world peace is to have all parties be self governing in sharing their gifts, listening to their own truth, abiding by their highest decree and promoting all that for themselves and the same for all others. In a society that everyone is living their purpose and sharing their gifts, there is no energy wasted on taking from others. People are too busy being happy and engaged.

Once humanity, foregoes the sarcophagus of a linear existence, they can expound out into the world of  exponential wonder. The more people who grasp this concept, the more all of humanity will embrace it through osmosis.


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