The Rear View Mirror


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

What is the point in looking backwards?
What purpose does it serve?
It is like driving and being fixated on the rear view mirror.
When I help people, they want to talk about that ditch they were in.
They are fixated on the ditch.
Like it was an exciting adrenalin rush to get out of it
Or they are amazed that they are free.
So many want to go back and look at the depth of the ditch
“Ooh.. look at the tread marks we left”
What they don’t realize is they are driving back into the ditch
They expect me to hang around with them; fixated on the ditch
I won’t drive back there with them
They want to describe what it was like to be stuck
Trust me, I know.
Once you are free, it is important to keep driving.
Stay focused on the journey
Your journey
Keep your eyes forward
Because Items seen in the rear view window
Are closer than they appear.

Jen Ward

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