The Yin of Gratitude’s Yang


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Gratitude is the doorway to heaven, Regret is the doorway to hell.  Regret is the yin of gratitude’s yang. When one is in regret they are forging their own hell.  They are causing a lot of their own misery through regret. One can turn that around with gratitude. Sometimes the Universe will give us what is in our best interest. It will move people out of our way that are holding us back from our own spiritual unfoldment. Instead of lamenting change and loss, forge ahead into the adventure of a new dawn.

When one is grieving, it is a stagnant state. They believe that there is no happiness ahead. It paralizes them. Regret is perpetuating this paralized state into our tomorrow. It is as destructive as suicide in a way. Because it is a form of suicide. Life is not meant to be tedious. It is only tedious as we shut down to the possibilities.

Staying open to possibilities is like being a small child on the same walk that an adult has taken a thousand times. Every step is an adventure. Maybe there is bouncing around chasing grasshoppers, hearing a bird, or seeing a cloud shaped like a bunny. The child’s senses are all alive in anticipation. This is what gratitude keeps us open to. While regret creates a monochrome world. You decide. Intentionally add gratitude to your day, and watch the miracles of awakening that ensue.

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