A Turret of Love


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

There are many times that the body will tremble when doing powerful healing work. This is different from drama. It feels like when someone is shoving anger into you but it is not. This is feeling the awesomeness of the Universe using you to bring incredible shifts in consciousness. We are just conditioned to see every reaction in the body as a negative.

Stand in your center and allow things to shift around you. You are the eye of the hurricane not the wind swirling and gushing in the outer banks near the physicality of you. Command your center and be free of all the branches and debris that want to interfere with the dynamo of you and shake you to the core.

Do not weaken your vortex by allowing opinions, judgements, sympathies or ignorance to affect you. Let them be rooted in their convictions. That is their center. They need them. But do not agree to the extent of weakening your own stance. Politely allow them their views without being drawn into them or subscribing to them.

In this way, you maintain yourself as a turret of healing and divinity.

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