Hearing a Call and Taking a Stand


I hear cries for help sometimes. This one came from the local grocery store. I heard a plant wanting to come home with me. I had bought some plants from the same rack earlier. When I went to check it out, there was one plant that was in real bad shape. There it was. The woman refused to sell it to me. It is store policy to not sell anything that is not healthy. She was adamant.

This happened before and I walked away with regrets. That was not going go happen again. I asked to speak to the store manager. She did not want such a neglected plant brought to the manager’s attention. It looked like someone had dropped it off on another shelf and then returned it. It was not about blame. I insisted on talking to the manager. He came. Right away, I could see his kindness. There was hope.

He tried to sway me to get a different plant. They did not understand. No. I wanted the one that needed help. The florist was tapping emphatically on the side of the container making her point. They explained how it would be chopped up and recycled so everything was okay. I felt the life force in the plant slipping away. I stood firm on my request. The manager kindly relented to give me the plant. I was so grateful. I believe his name was Dan. I really like him.

The plant responded well to natural sunlight and setting it in Simhas travel water dish. It’s leaves were drooping in the water so I told it to stand up straight and it’s leaves would no longer be in the water. I asked it what kind of pot it wanted. I picked out a special one that would make it feel special. It wanted a bright color. It also wanted a ceramic one and not plastic. It perked up so quickly that it seemed miraculous. I felt like taking it back to store just to show them. But It would not have liked it.

Thinking about this little miracle, I was amazed at how quickly the plant responded. It occurred to me how many throw away souls there are there in the world. There are so many people, animals and other life forms that someone deems inconsequential. I am hoping that this little plant is a surrogate for all the souls out there that just need to sit in the light soak in the love and be told by someone that they matter; because they do. The more we revive these souls that someone deemed unworthy, the more we hold a greater space for love in the world.

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