Enthusiasm for Life


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.


Demand to be heard!

Stomp around on this earth

Kick up the dusty facade

Break through the floorboards

Free fall through the rafters

Tap dance in the air

Read to the sprites

Bow to the applause

Make strides in all directions

Catch a glimpse of your greatness in the side mirror

You are closer than you appear!

Take lucid breaths

Write your own anthem and toss it in the wind

Put an exclamation point on every sentence

Mark your existence with a Yellow highlight

Be a symphony

Be a riddle

Be a one person act that none can follow

Be the Love!

Be that haven in someone’s storm

Donate a penny for their thoughts

See their pain in your eyes

Reflect back kindness

Milk the sweetness

Make no apologies.

Make a mess of things

Forgive yourself


Rest in the arms of love


Jen Ward 5/26/14

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