Love’s Call


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

What  do I have to give?

Except for the depth of my own chagrin.

What am I here to be?

But a commentator to my reality.

Why am I meant to endure?

Except to convert the tainted to pure.

Why do I cry, if only in vain

Or to empty this head to not go insane.

When people see me and begin to scoff

Is it me or them who is really off?

They are free, in their opinions and views.

But whose lens is really skewed?

I am like the bride out on a ledge.

Converting my life into a pledge.

I put all my cards out on the table.

Do what others can do; but don’t think they’re able.

Convert all my essence to only one cause.

Behind the scenes without any applause.

Bringing peace to the masses while they still sleep

Honoring a promise, I know I much keep.

To live with an intention greater than all.

To empower all  beings by heeding love’s call.

Jen Ward 6/12/17








One thought on “Love’s Call

  1. Incredible.


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