Daily Check List

Marieland Bobby 015

Wake up grateful
Remember your dreams
Record the wisdom you collected in the night
Listen to what your innate wisdom is telling you
Nurture yourself with kindness and self-care
Greet all the other souls in your home with enthusiasm.
Plan an adventure for the day
Set out an intention to do something fulfilling
Validate others who serve you in the community
Acknowledge and Accept all gifts graciously
Give care and nurture those who depend on you for their sustenance
Recognize all the synchronicity, synergy and flat-out miracles that make your life wonderful.
Be a blessing to others and yourself
Challenge others limitations.
Awaken a dream
Rekindle a spirit
Motivate the masses
Uplift humanity
Empower a world
Expound on a vision
Stretch your capacity to love
Accept all that you give in the natural ebb and flow of expansion
Awaken to your guides
Embrace all your teachers
Accept all your lessons
Forgive your own learning curve
Let go of all interactions
Lay down your guard
Rest your head in gratitude and surrender
Awaken in your higher awareness
Surrender to the incredible wonderment of the Universe

Jen Ward 6/14/14

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