Living in the Fifth Dimension

ripples too

© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

We are no longer living in the confines of 3rd dimensional space, time and depth. We are operating within new freedoms and perceptions. The old show Twilight Zone comes to mind. Rod Sterling was a visionary who was trying to stretch people’s imagination to be able to embrace such a shift. The episodes of the show where someone experiences a lifetime in a moment, or visits the place they will live before they cross over come to mind.

Anyone who accepts this and perceives it as a truth may already be experiencing the freedom of it. Those who perceive it are the visionaries for the world to reassure all others not to fallback on the dust of old ways. There is no longer structure in the old power plays, 9-5 work grind or a manipulation of our spirit by “have to”, slavery or male domination.

What we experience now, more than ever is of our own creation. Imagine the most possibly joyous loving, abundant and free experience of existence that you can imagine to help manifest it; not only for yourself but for all. For now, more than ever, we will experience our joy, love, abundance and freedom reflected in the interconnectedness of all. We realize more than ever that all life speaks to us and is our beloved brethren. There is no one and nothing that is not sacred. By ignoring the confused people and energies that are playing catch up, and focusing on the glorious place of arrival, we can all gain a foothold in this new blessed world.

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