The Spiritual Welfare System


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

It doesn’t work like people think it does. People have been trained to tolerate suffering. They believe if you tolerate the conditions that you are given in this life, you will automatically be graced with all that you desire when you cross over. There is an upgrade in crossing over but the heaven that you “land” on, is the one that you have been investing in, with your intentions in this life.

True coin in heaven is Love and kindness. If you demonstrate a giving nature, then that loving intention formulates the world that you land in when you cross over .That is why good people don’t fear crossing over. But stingy, selfish people are magnifying that quality as what they receive in the astral realms. The spiritual shift in consciousness is about self-responsibility.

We create and contribute to heaven similarly as how we choose or not to choose to contribute to this world. Life is a continuation and all about self empowerment. We are not going to find ourselves in a plush world when we cross if that is not what we have contributed to here.

People have to stop thinking that they are going to be taken care of on any level. They must do everything they can to use their resources to enrich their life and the lives around them. The spiritual laws or life do not drop off once we cross over. They magnify. The conditions that we find here are the strengthening agents to help us create a magnificent heaven. It has never been about just earth. That is the lie and that is what has kept so many people from even trying. Its time to awaken and try.

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