A Mother’s Love


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

There are a few maple saplings from last year that did not want to be mowed down. One in particular was pretty adamant in wanting to be left to grow. I definitely got the vibe from him that he wanted to grow to adulthood but he wanted to secure his chances by telling my sister. When she walked down the driveway where he is growing, she turned to me and offhandedly said, “He wants to stay”. It was as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Which it is, with us.

He was so proud when I put mulch around him. Someone ate his leaves so there was only a little stick in the center of a little pile of mulch. But he grew more leaves this year. Today when I was watering the flowers, I made a point to water the little maples as well. What happened next was truly amazing. I got the distinct impression, that the big tree that provided the seeds for the baby maples was satisfied in seeing the saplings get quenched. It was as if the great tree was getting fulfilled just knowing that her saplings were being cared for. There was a very obvious sense of satisfaction.

It was further validation of what I have known. Trees Love and nurture their children just like parents care for theirs. That feeling of wanting your children to thrive and be well off; trees have this for their young as well. It is a revelation that has far-reaching ramifications. Imagine the love and nurturing that is going on undetected by most humans. What a shame that they don’t benefit from recognizing the symbiotic relationship between parent and child in the tree genus. Maybe it would give more inspiration to humans to witness such a thing. I know it has enriched me.

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