Nurturing Self Worth


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

All my life I have politely allowed people to make jokes about me and put me down. . As a child I had so much compassion for others and I could see their pain as easily as a raw wound. There was so much incredible pain all around. I loved them so much that I wanted them to heal and feel good about themselves; even if it was at my expense.

As I grew older, I even joined in and made jokes about myself for them. It was easier to make them feel better this way. I could also prove, indirectly, that I was smarter than them because I could see my own flaws before they could. I was the BEST at something; diminishing myself. This way, I could still be the best.

It wasn’t until a gifted healer explained to me that my brain doesn’t register humor. Whenever it hears a command (which is what speech is to the brain), it would fulfill it. People ask me when I realized that I had special gifts. The defining moment was when I refused to belittle myself for entertainment, to placate someone else, or out of habit.

Now when someone tries to diminish me, I will address it. Times have changed and the vibration of the world is different now. People can handle more spiritual responsibility when it comes to how they address others. If someone says something unkind for a gratuitous reason, immediately disengage them and walk away. Don’t, bow out gracefully, just walk away. They will figure it out. If you are always kind to others, it is fair to expect them to be kind in return. This is how we create channels of love in the world.

Recently I wrote a post that some didn’t agree with. They were so cruel and unkind. They think because they don’t know me personally that it is okay. They consider themselves good people yet they bonded over trying to offend me or even hurt me. I will ruthlessly defend my right to exist and have a different point of view than anyone else. I have learned to nurture my state of existence like a mother would nurture a favorite child. I refuse to leave my center, to placate anyone else. I am loving and kind and if someone doesn’t see that in me, their own meanness is reflecting back to them.

The world is changing. People have to be educated on how to treat each other. It is okay to be loving and kind, but not by sacrificing your own integral existence. You have a right to stand in your center, non-apologetic for your own worth. Please don’t allow those who use belittling others as a form of denial to knock you into complacency. It is so much harder to recover from injury when you agree to it yourself. Emotionally self inflicted wounds are habitual and systemic these days. It was part of our training. .God forbid if we weren’t humble. Of course the true meaning of humility was never taught. True humility is seeing the same greatness in all others that you see in yourself. THAT is humility.

To all those parents out there that see their children being so loving and kind at the sake of their own worth, please advocate for them. Please teach them that they don’t have to shine less brightly so as to allow another to see their own sheen. In this way, politeness is a form of enslavement. Skin can only get so thick. Allow them the expression of their own wonderment. The world needs them to maintain their glow. In doing so, they will always be example to the world and serve humanity better that way.

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