True Worship


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Love is my religion
Joy is my decree.
Where I am standing, is where I worship
My altar is “just me”.

Kindness is my donation
Giving is my prayer
I don’ just send it to the sky
I send it everywhere

Empowering others is my conviction
Needing nothing is my strength
Inspiring is being the way shower
To which I do in length

My halo is invisible
My wings are folded in
I’d rather show others their own virtue
Than threaten them with sin

Seeing good in others
Is the flame I stoke
I prefer to bless them with my words
Than regret anything I ever spoke

I command the heavens
To part the clouds of night
So all can know their windfall
In Sound, in Love and Light.

Join me on this journey
To the worlds of calm, so still
Where everyone is empowered
and centered in freewill

There is no more point in taking
From a spiritual standpoint you’ll see
That by truly giving, heart mind and soul
Is the express pass to be free

Jen Ward 6/15/16

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