A League of Angels


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

A thousand leagues of angels

Came to earth one day

They volunteered one by one

Foregoing their celestial  play


Their mission was pretty clear

To bring love back to earth

Knowing they’d forget the wonderment of their true self

The moment of their birth


They’d be sandwiched in the mix

Between the harshest, meanest souls.

Absorbing all the hate they could

From those who lose control


They would be regularly humiliated

Beaten, raped, scorned and bruised

They would bear the brunt of pain

You see in those abused


These random victims of a crime

Or enablers of a beast

Came here with a specific purpose

To Love those of the very least


They came to earth in many forms

People being only one

They came as birds, trees and pets

Every form made under the sun


This league of angels absorb the hate

While giving kindness and compassion their due

Remembering their true self while they’re asleep

Is one of those serving here you?


They did this so earth would not be divided

By hate, and evil, and hell

We are drying up all the negativity

So heaven is the only place we all dwell


Jen Ward 6/16/17






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