Preserving the Moment


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

The old controlling factions; what we say as, “the powers that be”; didn’t want people to live long healthy lives. They preferred that they died younger because it is easier to control a mind from birth. Someone who is born into fracking, GMO’s and gray air accepts it more readily. That is why it is important for us who are here, to remain as healthy and unresponsive to power as possible.

In this way, truth has a chance to take hold once again. The generations that come will be able to still realize the beautiful expression of a tree and how it gives us it’s fruit. They will still be able to engage other species and learn humanity from them. They will also realize that a moment in nature is worth hours of being buried in synthetic materialism. What we have as blessings in this moment, must be maintained, preserved and enhanced by us now.

The next generation must have the same imagery of beauty to glean from. It is here and now we make a stand. We empower ourselves in the moment. It has always been, and will always be, the moment

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