Reclaim Your Wings


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

I hate in any way, shape or form
someone tells me what to be
It even makes me angry;
to think that I’m not free

There’s many different people
Who like to tell me I am wrong
But others who appreciate truth
Remark that I am strong

It feels like there are still some groups
That care what I believe
It’s like they try to micromanage God
And how love is received

There’s seven billion ways on earth
To worship and to pray
As many as that even seems
That number’s growing every day

It doesn’t really matter
What others tell you to do
After all is said and done
You’ll still in fact be you

So mute the judgment in your mind
Of what you say, think, be, or feel
It’s your own truth that needs listening to
It’s the only one that’s real

Take a leap towards freedom
For yourself and all the world
Step outside your comfort zone
Let your own voice now be heard

Advocate for animals
Speak openly to trees
Put your reputation out there
For whales, the impoverished and bees

There is a silent majority
That’s gone deaf, dumb and mute
They cringe and they recoil
At the thought of any dispute

But the world has been uplifted
Seeds of war must quickly die
Every soul must now reclaim their wings
And remember how to fly.

Jen Ward 6/16/15

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