A Good Day


The child who is given such little regard
That keeps to them self
Tries real hard

That researches life through every exchange
Cries to themselves
Endures through disdain

The child who is taken less seriously
Gives of themselves
So creatively

The child who is never given, a second glance
Second helping
Or even a chance

The child who survives by flying under everyone’s sight
Who has make believe friends
Cries through the night

A child who grows weary of feeling the pain
Loves any little creature
To keep from going insane.

This child should grow into a crotchety old coot
It’s not that far fetched
The point isn’t moot

But somewhere, somehow love intervened
Kept this child safe
From a negative refrain

This child is adopted by nothing but grace
Though pain and its cousins
Show on its weary face

This child grows to adulthood
Ahead of the curve
To the chagrin of the haters who think it has nerve

Who does this child think that they are?
To remain so intact
Smiling through every scar

This child knew that the suffering that their small body could take
Was best felt in them
Than to watch someone else ache

The child took the suffering and passed it right through
It was as if it was a mission
That they needed to do

This child is a survivor and so is anyone that can see
That the plight of all others live in you
And in me.

So take this child’s example to pass through the pain
See it as a wisp of smoke leaving
And never a stain.

It doesn’t matter, if your life looks like a success
Just continue to continue
And know you are blessed

For every challenge that you meet that doesn’t sweep you a way
Just take a deep breath
And call it a good day

Jen Ward 6/18/16

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