Thrill Ride


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

Come ride through the Universe with me
Upon a band of Light
Let go of all the burdens
That preclude you from this flight

Make a claim to your passage
Buy a ticket at the moment’s gate
Where infinite love ebbs and flows
And perpetual miracles await

Come ride the wind and light and sound
Watch love flicker through the trees.
Taste joy as dewdrops on your tongue
Feel your freedom in the breeze

Come scale the heights of eternity
Then drop through heavens floor
All the wonders you wish to await you
Are within; as is so much more.

Lets ride through eternity together
On the back of a midnight dream
Realizing every hurt, shame, or bruise
Is never what it may seem

Our pain is part of the adventure
That adds to the thrill of the ride
In the adventure of pure unadulterated love
Your true self has nothing to hide.

Jen Ward 6/18/15

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