Cleaning Out the Pool


We are not as solid as we seem. Humans think of themselves as walking, breathing congealed matter that has no capabilities to transmute or transform. Yet in this state they still hold claim of superiority over all others. If we are such superior beings, why have we not transcended hurting each other? Why do we use all our superiority to gain control, get more, or suck more out of the sacred resources of the earth?

Superiority would mean assisting others, benefiting all species and people, learning to peacefully coexist and to honor the contributions of others. We are doing none of that. We are doing the opposite. It has come to the point where society is choosing to close the doors of places of worship rather than taking the killing sticks out of the hands of unfulfilled humans. Humans have gotten it all wrongs. And yet it continues.

We, as individuals who are not necessarily proud of what being a part of the human race entails must make a shift in consciousness so that all humans can be pulled up by their bootstraps. We do this with our choices in our daily life. Being ashamed of being kind and subscribing to a different reality than exists in the world right now is not a bad thing. Status quo must be challenged but not in a revolutionary coo. It must be challenged by individuals like us who are not afraid to speak our truth and beliefs no matter who is listening.

For instance, why is being a tree hugger considered a bad thing? Challenge that when you hear it. If anyone has ever gleaned wisdom from a tree, they would be ashamed at this derogatory labeling of those who love trees.

Why are hippies so demonized? They were a group of people that over turned the tides of war. They should be seen as heroes, but instead are mocked and derided. Hippies are people who loved life so much, they couldn’t bring themselves to play the killing game.

Both groups and others are demonized by society for not participating like empty pawns. When one uses derogatory terms like hippie and tree hugger, they are resealing their agreement to be a part of a society that does not value quality or sanctity of life. When one quietly sits and listens, they are agreeing to the terms of whatever they are listening to.

We are not separate units. Our thoughts and who we are is privy to all. When we deny our truth, it diminishes our own effectiveness. Our thoughts and feelings are part of the fluidity of our connectedness. Who we are affects everyone in the pool of the human consciousness. When we are loving and kind, it adds love and kindness to the pool. When we complain, find fault, focus on problems and are unkind, that is us peeing in the pool.

It is time to filter out all the negativity that was peed in the pool and allow our love and kindness to bring a better standard to the world. It is not done in a far away land. It is done in your home and with your intention. You are empowered more than you realize. Your love, kindness and truth are important. Please, please see that you diminish us all when you belittle yourself. We need you to be bold in your empowerment so as to clean out the pool.

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