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  • If your dog has tumors, feed them flax-seed oil mixed into cottage cheese regularly. The sugar of the cottage cheese carries the flax-seed oil into the tumors and then the flax seed oil breaks up the tumors from the inside.
  • For achy muscles rub DMSO onto them. This is a miraculously healing agent.
  • When your dog’s body twitches a lot, give them massage. Make it a nurturing time. Whenever there are twitchy muscles grab the skin firmly around them and then hold it until the twitching stops. This will release the pain and the limitation of that particular muscle bundle. Once you get the hang of this, you can work deeper and deeper to free the inner layers of muscle twitches.
  • The supplement MSM, in powered form, can assist more than bones and joints. MSM is necessary for the function of every cell of your dog’s body.
  • If your dog is having trouble walking, don’t overlook cutting their nails to alleviate their issue. When their nails are too long, it affects the way they walk and puts unnecessary pressure on their joints.
  • When you cut your dog’s nails, you don’t need to cut off a lot. That is the fallacy. You just have to compromise the arch of the tip of their nail. This will cause the rest of the nail to file themselves by normal walking. If you always only cut the very tip of the nail, you will not create such a strong reaction in your dog when you cut them.
  • It is important to brush your dog’s teeth. Sometimes if they stop eating, it is because they have a sore tooth. You can tell if this is the case by giving them soft food in small nugget sizes. If they easily eat then, then you know that it is a tooth issue.
  • If your dog’s feet smell like corn chips, that means they are allergic to corn and gluten. It would be best to get them on a gluten-free diet.
  • It is very important to check the ingredients in your dog’s food. Commercial dog food has a lot of fillers in. Many of the popular dog treats are filled with corn syrup and peanut shells. Corn syrup is very difficult for anyone to digest.
  • Don’t talk about your dog as if they are old. They have no concept of aging unless you saddle this concern on them. If anyone asks if your dog is old. Tell them no, State the age and say, “They are ___years young”. Be adamant about it.
  • Don’t think or say derogatory remarks about your dog even if it is done in jest. You are formulating or diminishing your dog’s self-esteem. You are the world to your dog. There is no other option for them but to take your word as truth.
  • Don’t tell your dog’s sad tale in how they made it to you. Don’t call them a rescue. That just labels them as different. When they hear their sad story over and over, they have to relive it. It is very cruel and selfish to do this.
  • If there is a dog that lives in your house and you are the one that loves it, don’t say its the dog of someone else. Don’t say it belongs to your daughter who moved away or someone who is at school. Your dog deserves the security of knowing that your house is their forever home. It is cruel to make them live their whole life believing they belong to some absentee person. This harbors lack of self-esteem and issues of unworthiness.
  • If you adopt a dog from a shelter, or from a foster, make certain they know it is the last stop for them and they are in their forever home. The one thing newly adopted dogs always ask, is, “How long can I stay now?” Please spare your new family member this angst.
  • If you own a pet, please commit to them. Don’t hold it in the back of your mind that you may not keep them. They hear your thoughts. This thought makes them especially insecure.
  • Don’t compare your new pet to your dear one that has crossed. This is too much pressure to live up to and may cause stress that manifests as behavioral problems.
  • Don’t use your dog to work out issues with your mate. Don’t put them in the position of choosing between two people. Don’t resent them for their choice. This can make them feel insecure and cause subtle behavioral issues with them.
  • Dogs don’t register the word no. Their brain just doesn’t hear it. So if you command your dog not to bite. They hear you tell them to bite.
  • Being able to pin your dog is a way of establishing your dominance. This is very important for your dog’s security. They don’t want to be in charge. This makes them insecure. If you have a puppy, it is good to pin them from an early age. It doesn’t need to be done as an act of superiority. It can be done when laying on the floor with them. Cuddling with them and laying them next to you to rub their belly is a kind and gentle way of establishing hierarchy with them.
  • When a dog looks at you and they lift their nose a bit, they are telling you to hurry up. It is a means of knowing that they have a healthy relationship with you where they feel comfortable communicating back to you.
  • Our pets physical issues are many times a reflection of their people’s physical issues. They do indeed absorb the emotional dis-ease of their people. So if you are having a health issue, it is important to address it so as not to visit it on your pet. They can’t help it. They love us this much. To love them back, take care of yourself and in many cases your pets issues will workk themselves out as well. Many times when people come to me more assistance with their pet’s health, the issue is a reflection of what they are dealing with. It is almost like, they do not reach out to help themselves. But they will do anything to help their pet. If they will have as much love for themselves as they do their pet, both can stay more healthy.
  • The power of Intention is so important. Many times making a vet appointment for your pet when an issue arises, can send the healing intention to the issue even before the actual appointment.

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