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The Saplings told me that they aren’t really assigned an identity unless they are noticed in some way and stand out. All the saplings in the little forest I have started would have melted into the ground and discontinue to exist. But because I put attention on them and made space for them in this world now they are individualized. They will grow to be mighty trees and share their gifts. They have a place and purpose in this world.

They told me the same thing is true with people. People are like little saplings in that they don’t really reach their potential. They exist like little saplings unless someone notices the [possibilities of their greatness and acknowledges it. When the potential of a person’s greatness is recognized and highlighted, then there is made space in this world for it. They can then accomplish great things.

The saplings say that there are not many people that exist beyond their sapling self. But they said that that is what my work is and does. I see and acknowledge the genius in all and hold a space for it to manifest; just as I hold space for more trees in the world. Both visions are important

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