How Thoughts Kill or Heal


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Here is a post that someone posted

I want to mention how happy and grateful I am that my friend, Jen Ward, helped when my dog was sick. She answered my plea for advice with a wonderful, insightful and detailed paragraph.

Amazingly, my miniature dachshund, who was in pain and scheduled to be euthanized the next morning, is now healthy, happy and with no end to his physical life in sight at this time.

The day I took him to the vet, and was advised that it was “the end,” we took him home one last time to say goodbye. We were all in tears.

Jen reminded me to listen to what my dog wanted; not to make that decision for him. Then she instructed me how to treat an impending “death” as another journey. Dogs love adventure, she said, and as I shared this advice with my son and daughter, they too were able to transform their sad moods into happy loving ones.

“Don’t saddle him with your sadness,” Jen pointed out.

My daughter and I then took our dog, Rye, out for a ride and to get ice cream. We took videos and pictures. It was a sweet, precious time. I encouraged Rye to be ready for a new adventure, and invited him to return if the opportunity presented itself.

Later that evening, he had a complete turnaround! In the morning, I cancelled the vet appointment. Our whole family is so thankful to have more time with this loving, happy soul.

Jen’s words bravely address the norms and emotions that come into play in these situations. But, amazingly, it wasn’t that hard to make the shift to a new attitude.

Thanks again, Jen!

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