When Boundaries are NOT good


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

My friend loves her yard. She gushes over her trees, feeds the wildlife and lets each plant she puts in the ground, tell her where it wants to be. Her home has been a paradise for her and the lucky inhabitants.

I was driving down her road to visit her and I noticed a huge balsam tree across the street in her neighbor’s yard. It was very sad and sickly. Immediately it conveyed what was wrong with it. There was so much love and appreciation for the other trees; but it got none. Trees and nature do not understand property lines. Why should they?

Humans are so able to cut off the love mid stream between property lines, families, ethic lines, demographics, religious beliefs etc.. What if we stopped doing that, maybe the world will be different. What if we poured our love over to whom and whatever crossed our attention. What if we loved everyone’s children as our own? What if we mourned every loss.

There is a strange disconnect that happens to me now when I see the family of victims crying on the news. I am not proud of it but I have to admit that I get angry. Why does this person get to display their loss and grief when there are so many others dying and suffering in the world. We are killing species and ecosystems right in our own neighborhood and it is acceptable. Why is this person’s house sliding off a cliff any more tragic than all the homes that are destroyed when we “randomly” claim a patch of wildlife as prime real estate.

It isn’t that I put less value on human life, it is that I put a higher value on ALL of life. The arrogance of people thinking that they are the only species that matters, that they are the only life form to take into consideration, that they are the only one’s that love diminishes their value a little bit, actually.

My friend put on her slippers and in a misty rain went and hugged the tree that was sad. The two trees in the next yard wanted the same. She felt self-conscious and embarrassed going into the neighbor’s yard to do this. Yet she did because it was breaking down her own resistance to love. We don’t have to go in the neighbor’s yard but we can be “in love” with any one we put our attention on.

I hold the quiet intention that everyone in the world can be “in Love” with each other.

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