Won’t You Dance With Me?


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

I Am Soul
an unadulterated atom of breath-giving Love
Existing in a sea of pure bliss
Yet to become aware of myself in the higher worlds, I created movement
I acknowledged myself as a frequency of sound woven together with an emanation of light.
I now knew how to maneuver the light by riding the sound.
Yet I wanted to realize everything that I already knew
I decided to go into the most coarse vibrations.
I delved down into the arena’s of the mind
Everything was confusing.
I got disoriented as thought matter collected upon me
I could not tell the difference between these thoughts and myself
They were now my identity.
I kept going into denser existence
I saw experiences that were harsh and incredulous.
But somehow thrilling.
What was this that thing collecting on me that made pain and trauma feeling exhilarating?
I wanted to see more and more of it.
I kept going into darker regions.
These things collected on me that made me react so inconsistently
Crying, Screaming, Anger, Pain. They seemed to bring anguish to me yet were fascinating.
These capabilities became a part of me. I could control them or not
It was exciting at first to experience how such coarse matter expresses itself
I went to the most harshest vibration possible
It encased me in a tomb of flesh.
There was little movement, no expansiveness
It was like being imprisoned in a sarcophagus
The only movement now came in the sporadic, inconsistent bursts of emotion
The woven tapestry of light and sound was encased in layers of dross matter
All seemed hopeless
The one saving grace was the heart
It seemed that the only way to forget how imprisoned I was, was to love
It wasn’t easy because everything else was encased in course matter too
But when I was able to show thoughtfulness to another, it allowed me access to more freedom
Love was so so difficult
All those encased in their flesh tombs were in the same predicament
To get themselves free, two souls agreed to love the other person to create freedom for them.
It worked.
Loving another seemed to be the key
This worked for eons.
But souls got complacent
They flitted around making agreement with others to love them and leaving others behind.
This created more great pain and more lessons.
Sometimes two original souls kept their agreement
They are called soul mates.
Sometimes they got separated and then life became about searching for them instead of realizing how to love
In a desperate attempt to get free souls tried to love themselves to get themselves free
There was no loss or let down, Only the programming of unworthiness to break through
I found that when I loved all others, I loved myself more
And when I loved myself I was able to love all others as well
I realized that when I loved, I was no longer lonely. I felt connected
Indeed I was connected to all others!
All the thoughts and feelings and inertia fell away
I was liberated
Now I am still in the coarse matter but with a purpose
I have a sense of who I am as an atom of love ensconced in light and sound
My purpose is to help everyone realize themselves as an atom of love as well
To love them beyond their own capacities to realize who they are as soul
To free them all by loving them all
And in turn helping them realize the freedom and liberation of loving other souls
This is who I am today
This is who you are
We are greater than our emotions and mightier than our thoughts
We are more expansive than any experience we use to define ourselves
We are woven tapestries of light and sound interweaving in a dance of blissful joy
As more and more awaken to love the dance becomes more exhilarating
With every post, every exchange and every outpouring of love comes the unspoken request…..
Won’t you dance with me?

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