A Bunch of Sprints or an Iron man Race


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Doctors need to call symptoms something as a means of identifying them so they know how to help you. You do NOT have to identify them with a name or own the categorization.

But, you are thinking to yourself, “How do I describe what is going on with me to friends and family?” Why do you have to? When I go through anything, I don’t tell people about it. I know they are going to put their own concept of it on me and lower the bar as to what they imagine for me. They can’t help do that. That is what the mind does, categorizes things.

Also the sympathy and sadness make someone more susceptible to being in agreement with the diagnosis and all it entails just because the sympathy feels so good. People confuse sympathy with being nurtured. They are not the same. Some people accept sympathy because they crave nurturing. Nurturing raises the vibratory rate of someone, sympathy lowers it.

A diagnosis is a rudimentary set of issues that describes how a person is working out their spiritual lessons. If the issues are bundled up and accepted, then there is no reason to push through them. It is a glass ceiling that everyone agrees to put on you. All that is left is manage pain and symptoms while the disease that you have agreed upon creates more of a presence in you body and life.

If you name issues , you nail them to you. You are in agreement with every symptom that label entails even if it was not part of the lesson that you needed. It is lowering the bar on you. Every time you say “I have _________” you are agreeing to the issues that are associated with them and lowering the bar on what you expect for yourself.

I am not saying this in any way to invalidate anyone. I am surprised at so many people getting mad at me who have a diagnosis that they cling to. They feel invalidated by this point of view. It makes me believe even more that the diagnosis validates them in some way and gives them an identity that in itself fills a need.

A person can handle their issues just fine without labeling them and announcing to others (and their own brain) what the lowest common denominator is on the symptoms. In this way, it is best to be coy, aloof and standoffish. If you are able to NOT agree to the whole label of a diagnosis and what that entails, you can keep you issue about the symptoms and work with them as individual hurdles.

It is like treating the dis-ease in your body as a bunch of little sprints as opposed to an iron man race.

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