Being Real


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

To belong to anything is to be owned
to be owned is to be enslaved
An unwitting dupe in the ponzie schemes of society
Ah…of society itself.

Be the victimless loner whose done their time
Learned their lessons, strewn their gifts
Dusted and harvested their own crop
Made a home from prefabricated boards of resilience

Compassion and contentment are your currency
Let go of the false sense of entitlement that suffering eludes to
Be contained within a sovereign state amongst the masses
Remain defenseless and unwitting with no claim on righteousness
Point no fingers!

Be a bleached blotch of purity on the fabric of humanity
Be a spot of stillness that others use as a gauge
Anchor that stillness deep into the river bed
Be Unwavering as the chaotic stream of life passes by

Hold your stance
This is what it is to be free
This is what it is to be real.

Jen Ward

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