Dusting Off Your Empowerment Through the Group Sessions


I have been facilitating remote group sessions for a couple of years now. It is amazing how quickly the world seems to spin as opposed to a couple of years. There are many keen insights that have been gleaned in watching the effects of these group sessions play out. Every person who participates is using their God-given God force to manifest a greater world for us all to live in.

Here are some truths that have been revealed through doing thee group sessions. Some of these can be taken at face value. Some may have to be scrutinized and turned over to see the truth in them. Every group session is facilitated over the phone. There is a synergy created with the purity of each soul’s intention on the call. They have become a force for incredible enlightenment in the world

Here are some truths learned in doing these group calls:

  • You really can’t benefit yourself unless you hold the intention to benefit all of humanity
  • The world isn’t more corrupt than it always has been. The facade that has held us in the grips of power mongers is being dismantled.
  • Monetary wealth is only a small fraction of abundance. Fixating on money is like only acknowledging one hour of the day and disregarding the rest.
  • People have been condition to fail, diminish themselves, feel unworthy and discredit their truth to prevent them from recognizing how empowered they are.
  • Each person is an incredible means to change the world if they only would believe it and try. Each one is capable. But they have been conditioned to enslave themselves through negative thoughts and even beliefs
  • No one is going  to swoop out of the sky to save humanity. We are meant to step up to the plate and save each other.
  • God is not a man sitting up in the sky. Each one of us is an atom in the body of God. So when you diminish another being you discredit God. This one misunderstanding creates the most hypocrites in the world
  • There is nothing that a pure intention fueled by a passionate loving heart can’t accomplish
  • When things seem more negative, they are merely being untangled so we can all be upgraded
  • The laws that governed the world  few years ago, are outmoded. Anything taught from a male slanted point of view is a lie because it is based on a half truth
  • World peace is not a form of communism but everyone being so busy living their purpose that they can’t be bothered with anything less important
  • We are still in the Dark Ages as long as we diminish our brethren and feel that man is the superior species
  • Trees are actually wise sentient beings that give us much counsel and prevent us from destroying ourselves. The most conflict is in areas where there are less trees
  • Man is the most brutal species because he is the only one that harbors negative intentions and kills for pleasure
  • The balance of female energy in the world is its saving grace. This is female energy in both sexes. This means their creativity, sensitivities, subtle perceptions and ability to expand their scope of reasoning
  • All groups are an energetic Ponzi scheme. Personality worship is coming to an end and the saving grace of the world is every individual taking their power back and stop being used as the engine for corrupt intentions that take on a life of their own

If you want to check out the group sessions for yourself, we come together 2 pm eastern via telephone.  A month’s sessions is $50. If you are interested in dusting off your own empowerment, you are welcome to join us http://www.jenuinehealing.com/group-sessions/

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