Technique to Pour Love into the World


At any one time, the world is tuned into anticipating or enjoying an event like a sports match that attracts massive amounts of people. They are totally focused on the excitement of competition. It is very exciting. By tuning into the games, one can connect into that group consciousness and just pour incredible Love into the life stream of human consciousness through the enthusiasm of the event. That is why advertisers like to ad their brand and commercials to the mix. They realize that human consciousness has it’s resistance down at the moment.

Tune into the games. Be aware that they are on. Get a sense of all the Millions of people who are focused on the games. Connect with all the humans through tapping into the games. Use this opportunity to send everyone the purest unabashed love and kindness. This is when they will receive it. It s the same principle as waiting till mom or dad are in a good mood before speaking with them.

Speak to the world! Send them your love! Tell them they matter. Tell them they are worthy. Just don’t cross the line by asking anything of them. Don’t inflict your concept of peace into them. That is not a karmaless act. But pouring your highest formless love into the whole flow of life; is a great way to uplift humanity.

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