The Magical World of Greenery


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Plants communicate through their root system. It is like us using the internet. They are very social. When you smell flowers, they are consciously putting out a sent to connect with you. They don’t like being in pots and if they absolutely have to be in one, they prefer the terracotta ones because they can still communicate through it. Being in a plastic pot is like us wearing polyester. It is stifling.

They don’t mind when animals eat them. They love the communion. They don’t die when ingested. They mix with the consciousness and have experiences that way except when there is no appreciation. They don’t mind when dogs pee on them. They don’t judge energy as good or bad, they take it all in and use it and process it.

They are very creative and inspire us many times and feed us wisdom when we listen. If you take off your shoes and tune in, you can communicate with them as well. That is why it is so peaceful to be in a garden, it is actually tapping into their world and their tranquility and they are speaking. That is why so much inspiration comes in nature.. They are feeding truth to us.

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