Commitment to Life


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Promises are not copperless pennies collected at the bottom of a purse
Or walked over with indifference
They are little contracts we make for ourselves
A piece of our essence we send out on the road to meet a friend.
When we don’t show up, we dishonor ourselves
And devalue are own worth.
We become ghosts in our own lives
An apparition to our friends who desperately want to believe in us
SO they go through the motions ….
Taking a receipt for nothing.
Again and again until integrity is just a word
Justice, truth and kindness are echoes of a lost dream
Apathy is a condition as accepted as disease
and tolerated.

Keep Your WORD
You are it.
Show up with the same vitality and passion with every syllable
That you show for the object of your desire.
YOU Create this world with your depth and you caring
Quit digging it a shallow grave.
Pour your essence into each breath
Send it into the wind for others to catch
Inspire with the girth of your conviction
The kindness of your step
And the steed of you intention ….
and commitment to life

Jen Ward

One thought on “Commitment to Life

  1. Powerful words.


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