Flip Reality to Peace


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

In my reality, people matter, all animals matter and trees and nature matters as well. There is kindness, respect and a reverence for peace and stillness in my reality. I do all that I can to make my reality the only one that I am privy to. Anything that feels invalidating is avoided. Nothing is as mandatory as peace, stillness and honor. I go no where that is going to treat me less than I would treat another. There is no pay-off being any where where love and kindness are not spoken. Petty people are avoided at all costs; especially if they are intimate enough to do damage; like family events.

Technique. Create your own bar for reality and what you will allow. Reject what it is possible to reject of the story the masses still try to sell. In my reality, people want to live peaceful happy lives. I reject that humans are barbarians that just want to fight over land and who has a bigger God. The world is manageable now. We know the tricks that are playing to control the masses in fear and rhetoric. We can reject them, and interject our own truth into the mix.

The more individuals forgo agreeing to the negatives that are playing out in the world, the more quickly a shift can be made. You know what the funny thing is? The more a person is desperate for a shift, the more they will attack this technique. They will start arguing for the opposite and try to convince me how wrong I am. It is the biggest oxymoron of all! Someone who is desperate for a better world will reject the way because of it’s simplicity. That is why it is not done. It is so simple that too many have trouble trusting it.

Whenever something that is undesirable is brought to your attention, don’t feed it fuel with your attention. Dry it up by not giving it a ounce of energy. Those of us who have great love may be pulled at an approached more because to the negativity it is energy to burn. Be kind to all but ruthless in protecting your boundaries. Be ruthless in your stance to not partake of the negative views. Any post that tries to convince me of the opposite will me deleted. I encourage everyone to hit the delete button in their lives.

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