The Only Voice that Matters


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

If someone…..

Tells you to be quiet,
It means you have something to say

Tells you to work
Respond by going to play

Says that you’re ugly
Their missing your beauty within

Tells you you’re bad
They are caught up in sin

Lies to your face
They are really lying to them self

Tells you how to behave
It is them that is put on a shelf

Perceives you as poor
They are demonstrating lack

Believes they are “owed”
It’s proof their not giving back

Every thing others convey
Is the depth of their own truth
Some stay in shallow waters
Well past their youth

It is you that needs to dismiss
Everything they think, say or do
The only voice that matters
Is the one within you.

Jen Ward 6/25/15

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