Exponential Empowerment

Being a part of the Mothers Day retreat in May 2017 in Rochester, New York was amazing!! And that fact that it was the very first retreat given by Jen Ward made it even better!! I was honored and beyond excited to be given the opportunity to attend the retreat. Jen Ward has been in my life for about a year and a half now and from the beginning has made a difference for the better.

A lot of positive changes….growth. The retreat was that magnified by a million!!! Jen held nothing back….she shared everything. She took me to such a deeper level of understanding of myself, my purpose,the importance of taking care of myself so I can better help all of humanity, pure intention, life of a healer, and much more. She confirmed things I knew to be true and showed me what is possible. I brought those TRUTHS and AWARENESS with me when I left Rochester and headed home to Iowa. I have been manifesting and integrating them into my life.

As I am changed the world around me changes. Learning to honestly live in the moment and to see/feel that moment expand is a beautiful thing. To leave stress and worry by the wayside ……AWESOME!! The retreat was the most awakening, enlightening, empowering thing I have ever experienced. Jen Ward is the embodiment of pure love, intent, and caring for, ALL of humanity. Jen WALKS THE TALK!!! To witness that was breathtaking……so grateful!!

The Exponential Empowerment Expo on September 8-9 Will be amazing as well. Come meet Jen Ward, see what is possible, help yourself and all of humanity, and much much more

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