The Cinderella Plant


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Recently I got a nudge to go to a yard sale that was selling all antiques. There was nothing there for me. Except I saw two unkept plants. One was a broken snake plant and one was a cactus that was all black at the roots. They were so unloved.

They were over priced. I didn’t want to quibble because I didn’t want the plants to think they weren’t worth it. So I paid what they were asking. The woman was not warm. She was all business. I asked her about the black in the stalk and she dismissed it. She said it was fine. She told me the snake plant wanted to be tight and did not want to be transplanted. I already knew that both plants wanted to be put into different pots. It was as if me and the plant looked at each other when she said that; as if to say, “yeah right”. It was almost as if their very pots were tainted with the woman’s indifference.

I wasn’t really enamored with either plant. The snake plant seemed so broken. But there was an interesting thing that happened. I let all the plants I adopt choose their own pot. It seems to matter to them and they have their preferences. When I put the snake plant into the new pot of its choosing, it instantly turned beautiful. It is a strange phenomenon. When I transplant a plant into a pot of its choice, it instantly seems to mushroom and get bigger and more beautiful.

The cactus was telling me to cut off all its appendages. I didn’t want to do that so I resisted. But then I went to a nursery and the worker there spent some time with me. She said the black part was rotted. Come to find out, the cactus was telling me exactly what it needed to help it heal. After I did what it was telling me to do, it looked so beautiful and happy too. There is so much joy in listening and assisting.

The woman at the antique sale had no clue of the abundance she is missing out on.The love and connectedness is incredible and so much better than vintage anything.

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