The Jewels


It is primal behavior to conform. The one that exists on the fringe, is the one that is picked off by the predators. The one that is different, was ostracized by the clan. Conformity was vital to survival. This is primal. But if we stayed in primal mode, we would have never been able to utilize fire as a tool. It is primal behavior to be afraid of fire. We were able to get over that one okay. Because the gain outweighed the loss.

Conformity is now a thing of the past. It is what is choking the creativity of the world, the genius of our passion and the drive to improve as a society. Conformity is a mental slavery. It is dying a slow death but it is going the way of 8 tracks.

Those individuals who are different, even if they don’t understand who they are, are jewels. They are bumping against the glass ceiling of conformity and pounding on its ceiling. They are chipping away at the chiseled indifference to break through the floor of a new awakening. It is those that live their messy passion, follow their crooked path dreams, and scatter chaos in the rigid cubicles of expectation that create a new norm for us all.

It is scary for some to surrender the past, their ideal of how things should be, or to understand why change is necessary. There is no way to bring them along except to ask them to choose love over their sense of reason. Love your child no matter how sideways they seem to be to you. They are adored by the universe and you are the one who will miss out. Their wounds that you have inflicted on them will heal because they realize ignorance can only create a shallow cut to the heart of reason. But ignorance itself scars more than those it is inflicted on.

Because they are gifted with expression of song, Light, Genius and individuality. They themselves are the gift and they will come to that understanding more easily than ignorance can be dropped. They are blessed and respected by all who understand.

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