Combining Heart and Mind Awareness


Einstein didn’t come up with his theories by thinking. He went into a dreamlike state and he played out his theories by mocking up visualizations that took on a life of their own to show him the truth or flaw in his thinking. He expanded his mind
beyond the mind by utilizing the heart center as well..

There is a glass ceiling on thinking. It shows up in intelligent people who become less open to listening and more intent on thinking. There is a glass ceiling on coming from the heart as well. It manifests as a naive outlook. It doesn’t have the edge of someone coming from the mind.

It is a rare that someone can combine heart awareness and mind intelligence. Yet we are all capable of it.It is in utilizing these two components together that we ignite our capacity to achieve greatness. Greatness is subjective though. To me, whatever brings the most joy, love, abundance, freedom and wholeness to the most individuals is greatness. It could be a person. or animal, tree, plants, a billion blades of grass or life itself.

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