Heal the World to Change Your Life


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I have been facilitating group healing sessions for the world for over two years now. The attendees declare themselves as surrogates for humanity and we either do tapping, or sound healing. I figured if I can facilitate incredible changes in an individual, why can’t we heal the world in the same exact way. We treat the world as one individual and all the inhabitants as cells of it’s body. I don’t believe anyone has ever tried healing exactly like this before. The extend of one hearts ability to help drive a pure intention has never been measured.

In just one year, the world seems like it is moving towards being a more empowering place for the individual; who is realizing their ability to generate change. Individuals are being validated and old wounds are being healed. Old constructs are breaking apart and people are seeing behind the lies and illusion.The participants in the sessions have seen a change in their own lives and are eager to attend each session. The love and connectedness is incredible. The attendees feel closure to nature, more in communication with other forms of life and feel like they are making a deep contribution to this world. Doing the group sessions feel like a big part of how we came here to serve

If any of this resonates as something you would like to be a part of, you can secure a session or a month worth of sessions at http://www.jenuinehealing.com/ It may be the thing that may change the course of your life.

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