The Spiritual Law of Duality


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Please don’t feel bad if you are not called to get involved with current events. One of the Spiritual Laws of Life is the Law of duality; meaning there is no good without bad, no hills without valleys etc.

There is always an opposite point of view to counter our own. (No matter how just we are) When we refuse to engage in debate and get involved, we are refusing to set up an opposite affect to our vantage point. We are choosing to bow out. By doing so, we are not feeding that back and forth banter of society. We are rising above the fray.

The misnomer is thinking that people who don’t participate are apathetic or indifferent. Many people who have opted out of participating are transcending the them vs us mode. It doesn’t mean they they are lazy or don’t care. They are actually withdrawing their energy from group dynamics that don’t work. The reason there are so may homeless people, people incarcerated and drop outs is because people are organically dropping out of a nine to five ( linear existence). This is the upgrade,

This is not a judgement of those who get involved. Everyone plays their part. And to judge would be to swoop back down into the fray. To stay neutral is to let an issue die of it’s own accord.

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