The Spiritual Law of Unity


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

There is a spiritual law that conveys that the sum of all parts, mixed together, becomes something exponentially greater than the original parts combined.

A way I have demonstrated this to children is in baking a cake. When one adds egg, flour, milk and sugar together and bake. The mixture combined seems nothing like the original parts but the combination makes a wondrous transformation.

That is what we are capable of doing here on social media. On my page come together in our naked truth. Sometimes we agree on things that have never been articulated, let alone spoken of out loud. We make space for higher intention and purpose in this world. We poke an incredible hole in the pseudo reality, prick it with a different view point. We let it break through to the Light and love to dissipate the illusion.

As we do this here, it encourages others in a symbiotic alliance, to do the same. We are waking up a sleeping disinterest. We are removing the shackles of apathy and shattering the glass ceiling of mundane. We are empowering the individual. We are challenging them to explore the depth of their own capabilities and wonder. We are engaging in the adventure and the discovery of our own depths.

This is my intention for every atom of life in the Universe. That they awaken, that they blossom, that they expand in consciousness and their capacity to love. I hold this intention for the reader and see their abilities to hold a similar space for such an advancement in all. I humbly, yet enthusiastically encourage all to do this!

Together we will be engaging in the Spiritual Law of Unity and creating a wondrous world of Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom and wholeness for all.

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