How to Transcend a Selfish world


This was the world of dualities and many people are still operating off those engrams. That means for every good, there is an equal and opposite bad. When you are so good and kind and giving and yet neglect yourself in many ways……then you are creating a mirror image of that in the world somewhere.
The opposite of you is mean and selfish. That is why we are seeing so much mean and selfish in the world is because of those who are good and selfless.

The balance then, or the fix does not have to depend on hoping others become good and stop being selfish. The fix is for those of us who are more aware, to be less selfless and more the love into our own worth as well as others. This will lessen the contrast in extremes in the world.

Another thing we can do is move away from the fallacy of being good and strive for a neutrality in all things. This is more loving. That charged good feeling of positivity is creating an opposite reaction f negativity in others. Instead of being good, strive to be real. Strive for authenticity, uniqueness, and balance.

Love in its purest state is a stillness. It is only when it s processed through the hormones of the body that it takes on such charge. It you want to command Love beyond the limitations of the physical world, experience it as if it doesn’t need to be pumped through your energy systems to arouse you. Realize we are permeated in love even without the mental and emotional rush of feeling good.

This is not a constrictive state. It is a state of expansiveness and feeling totally comfortable in and out of your skin. When you balance out your own energy in this way and stop living as an unworthy victim of life, you will see this upgrade reflected in all around you. This is how we transcend the selfish world.

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