Are You a Professional Victim?


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It may have started that first time you skinned your knee and you were swooped up and given a cookie. It may started the first time you got the flu and were treated like royalty. It may have been the first time that you feigned an illness and got out of work with a kind message from the ones in authority, saying”Get well” Wow! What a pay off. If you don’t know who you are, those around you do.

Here is a check list:

Do people around you know where you feel pain in your body?
Do your procedures come up in conversation?
When people ask about you, is one of your first topics of conversation your health?
Do you amp up the symptoms to make the story more titillating?
Do you think about health concerns more than a passing thought?
Do people know you as the one with____________ or the one struggling with____________?
Do you find people not seeming as interested in you as they once were?
Do you find people avoiding asking you how you are doing?
Do you need to meet new people so that you can get a better return on telling your story?
Do you identify yourself as unhealthy?
Do you find yourself commiserating more with others about their issues and try to one up them?
Do you wait for people to stop talking so you can tell them about you?
Do you get secretly jealous or annoyed if someone has a better story or gets more attention than you?
Do you talk about illness in general?
Do you enjoy watching shows about illness?
Are you annoyed when someone challenges you by looking on the bright side and telling you it isn’t that bad?
Did someone you love have the same issue and you feel closer to them by experiencing what they went through?
Are you progressively getting worse?

I recently helped a dear friend recover from stage 4. She did so by following a list of everyday things I suggested her do along with all her doctor’s instructions. The first thing on the list was to not illicit sympathy or even tell others except for those necessary to know. I told her not to mention the “c” word and to not identify with it. As careful as she was, she could still feel people pull her down by giving her sympathy.

Sympathy is a very low vibration of love. There are so many others that are so much better. Even the everyday experience of self-care resonates at a higher vibratory rate than sympathy. So in a sense, someone who trolls for sympathy is actually just too lazy to get their love intake met in a better way. That laziness may be the thing that keeps them vibrating at the frequency of illness more than the initial cause.

Someone out there asked me to write this. Someone wants you to know.

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