Love is All You Are


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

A thousand feet away
is all the joy you need
Take that one short journey
You deserve it in God speed

A hundred feet away
Is all the love you can endure
It is your own base nature
Because your heart is pure

20 feet away
I know its hard to believe
Is the Abundance of all riches
Just be ready to receive

A few short steps away
Freedom is in your grasp
Have you the nerve to take it?
Do you even have to ask?

Step into your center
Why did it take so long?
Joy, Love, Abundance are your birthright
Freedom is your song

Take off the garbs of illusion
Matter, energy, time and space
You are oh so everything
Being you is a loving place

Reunite with all the wonder
Collect love on you like the dew
It’s magnetically attracted to
Everything you think, feel, say, and do

Feel love in your atoms
Pulsing through your very veins
Love is all you are, see, hear and feel
And everything that remains

See How important the journey is.
In the lifespan of every soul?
It helps us realize we are immersed in love
That being love in the only goal

We are actually always love
Being the opposite is the illusion
Thinking we are separated
Is what creates all the confusion

But when you listen to your heart
Ignoring the limited mind resolve
Love will be your everything
So let everything else dissolve.

Jen Ward 6/30/15

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