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I know that my little girl is a very old soul. She has empathy and compassion even in her development as of now. Seems to be that her issue is trying to absorb and heal other peoples negative energies but she is around. or rather, the hurt and pain she feels with different people who hold her.

I of course put a loving and protective shield around her so she doesn’t absorb them, it seems as though she tries to break through and help the individual beyond her capability. It also seems that she deals with overcoming slight invitee as well. I’m trying to figure out and formulate a tapping session for my baby?. Any thoughts/ recommendations?


The shield you put around her is kind of weak. It doesn’t serve her well enough. I can assist and extract the negativity if you wish. It will be more efficient. No offense


None taken whatsoever! This is the reason why I contacted you. I always look to find people who are wise and know more than me in different areas so I can grow. Any thoughts on specific words to say over her with the tapping?


I will do the energy work here. It is actually already being done.
You can do this tap on her
“You are protected in Love; in all moments”


Any specifics that you see that was causing the weakness or what’s going on with her? Since I’m so close to the situation, it’s hard for me to get a concise read.


I am talking to her. She thinks she has to do that to earn her worth.
You have given her that impression


I mean I know enough. & I have a very deep bond with her. very good point thank you for your analysis so far


It is a misunderstanding but as you know she is very sensitive
You do this yourself and she is paying attention


Yes you are correct. She is extremely sensitive in all aspects


You do not have to help people to earn your worth
You do not have to impress anyone
The people who have invalidated you will never be able to see you the way that you are. You vibrate too high for them. You must surrender that need or want

You are a Godsend. I needed that and thank you for the clear in forward analysis of what’s going on with my sweetheart. I had no idea I was causing that impression on her. I’m not offended by your straightforwardness whatsoever.😋

Great. I have to go out now but this is the breakthrough you needed. You both can relax now

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