Modern Day Seekers


In the old days, if you were a spiritual seeker, you would go to a monastery and hope to be accepted into the gates. Many hopefuls would wait at the closed gate until they were allowed in. It seemed like a random thing to them whether they were allowed in or not. They were most likely desperate, angry, victimized, scared, hungry, bitter, unaware, clueless.

The more that people were certain they would be allowed to enter, and were not, the more angry and frustrated they would be. The more desperate that they were to get in, the longer that they had to wait at the door. Some people left angry and cursed the monastery for not letting them in. Some died at the door, never being allowed access. No one knew the mystery of what it took to get in.

If the monastery took everyone, it would weaken the effectiveness of their mission. Everyone was not tempered to give what it took to be accepted into the monastery. There was a specific purpose of the monasteries. Those who were so immersed in selfishness and greed,  would not be allowed to poison the group. They were blind to the purpose of being admitted.

I can tell in an instant just by perceiving in energy what a person’s make up is. I see everyone as having the potential to manifest their greatest empowerment. I can afford most people the courtesy to work with me. It is themselves that weeds themselves out with their opinions and sizing up what I do. They may not even have an understanding of what is occurring when they stumble upon my works and just keep walking by. Or they may get a sense of their empowerment, get scared by it and attack me to ensure not to be saddled with such responsibility. They may even confuse a huge collection of opinions and facts with the caliber of training it takes to tap into direct knowing. They believe that they know when the fact they wish to diminish someone else is evidence that they do not.

My work is where the modern-day seeker would land. Waiting outside the door is a test to the spiritual seeker. For the modern seeker, it is finding me in plain sight; hidden in a form that gives no hint of great status; in the form of a woman no less. All the information that is bombarding the ether is intended to hide truth in plain sight. People who have a pissing contest with me, compare me to someone else, or simply see nothing special in what I offer, are the same ones that would not be accepted into the doors of the monastery.

Spiritual seekers are indeed the chosen ones. They take this as a badge of pride that turns to galvanized arrogance after a while. It is true that they are chosen for great spiritual fortitude. But it is them themselves that choose. They choose to accept truth in the most unexpected form. That is the secret to who received passage into the monastery doors.

The seekers that were let in the monasteries were the ones that were just so grateful to have found the door that they were content to sit outside the monastery. It was the emptiness of arrogance and desire; and their ability to be present with the blessings they had already received; that made them candidates to be good students. Those who appreciate my assistance with no contempt or mental scrutiny, are the ones opening the door to their own empowerment.

One thought on “Modern Day Seekers

  1. This is one of my favorite posts you have ever written. Thank you! This is so clear and motivating.


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