Tap into the wisdom of the very young who understand that their dolls and plush toys are alive. They are most aware. They are basing their devotion to their friends with metaphysical insights that is lost on adults until now. All atoms are alive. They have consciousness. A group of atoms that come together in consensus are alive because they are a compilation of living atoms.

Be of the little children ….

Children disregard their toys when they follow the cues of the adults and older children around them. It seems like they lose their innocence but they are truly losing their awareness. They were right to regard their toys with reverence. If we could do one thing to uplift humanity in an instant, it would be to regain the insights and perceptions of a child and remember what it is like to give reverence to all life.

So instead of trying to pull their toys away from your child so that they will be “well-adjusted”, why not sit in their world for a bit and change your point of view on their importance. Inanimate Life is so healing to embrace.

When we have incredible stagnant energy in our bodies, it feels so heavy.  Inanimate life is so willing and capable of exchanging that stagnant energy for clarity. If you are tired and weary, grab a plush friend and pour all your angst into them. It is not pain to them just like fertilizer is not dirt to a tree. It is nutrients. It is sustenance, It is connection.  By hugging an inanimate object, you are eliminating an unnatural divide that is not necessary.

It may sound ridiculous but try it. Find someone inanimate to pour your love into. Many very aware people know this to be true with crystals. But it is also true of the sweet-faced smiling bears and other forms of inanimate life. When we start treating inanimate life with more respect, it will raise the bar on how we treat trees, nature, animals and even each other.


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