Free Souls Everywhere


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When I came back from imprisonment, I saw the world through a different lens. When a friend gave me a bamboo plant that was tied together with other bamboo in an intricate design. I was horrified. I saw them as being bound together as if they were people shackled at the feet. The first thing I did was unwrap each one of them from the other. I felt by doing this that I was lessening their karmic burden of slavery in some alternate reality or even a future lifetime. I was also unbinding their karma to each other. It was very gratifying.

It is a great technique. Rescue a bamboo from a store and unbind it from the other bamboo that it is woven together with. See it as a surrogate or analogy to help untying souls everywhere from their karmic burden. It may feel very rewarding, You may be freeing an aspect of yourself.

With all the flora friends I have now, I also had a bowl of bamboo. I bought them to be friends with my beta fish named Cooper (who looks just like Anderson Cooper). But they were too small at the time; so they had their own bowl. They wanted to be outside with the other flora.

As attuned as one tries to be, there is always more to realize. These bamboo wanted to be potted like the others. They wanted that special treatment. So today, on Independence say, they have their own pot, They are very happy. Some of them wanted their own pot but I told them when they get bigger we can do that. It gives them incentive to outgrow their pot.

On a side note: notice I don’t use the word plant? It seems to be derogatory to my green friends somehow. They liken it to the word squaw to native Americans or even worse. It is a very diminishing word to them.

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