Love’s Hue


Stretch your arms into the sky and pluck out the farthest star
Display it on your bedpost. To remember who you are

Dig with your mind into the earth and find the deepest root
Remind yourself often of where you come. And mark it with your boot

Delve into the pain you hide from the world and shelter with your tears
Disarm the things that keep you from knowing; that this world is a house of mirrors

Question all matters. Everything; that you’ve ever learned, ever since your birth.
Discard all the lies that you readily accepted. That prevent you from knowing your worth.

Reawaken the aspect of your sweet self; that knows you at your Best
Forget all the memories that kept you enslaved. They were merely a spiritual test.

You are the Light, rooted in earth, the rest is the house of illusion
Shatter the mirrors, stop believing the lies, let go of the pain and confusion

Reclaim your spirit! Realize your worth! You were merely asleep. So Awaken
Emanate Joy. Realize Love. Remember that dream you’ve forsaken!

You are abundance. So cash yourself in. You are the gain that you seek.
A Course of Miracles in your own book of life. Just open you up. Take a peek

You are a windfall. You are your own church. You are a prayer, so just “say you”
A brush stroke of truth swept across the night sky. Loves colorful well blended Hue

Jen Ward 2/5/15

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