Recanting all Vows and Agreements


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It occurred to me that any two people who have any interaction at all, have agreed to that dynamic on some level. It may not feel like someone would agree to being treated poorly, but it may be done out of habit. If someone was beaten down by someone in a past life, they may fall into that same roll in this lifetime. If one could release being engaged with unhealthy people out of habit, they could be more free.

The first thing to do when trying to free oneself is to stop agreeing to it. Since one doesn’t remember that they have agreed to a certain dynamic, it is always good to just assume that they have. So the first tap in the protocol is to say:

“I recant all vows and agreements between myself and (person’s name) ; in all moments”

There may be a great sense of relief in just doing this. What is a strange phenomenon, that I have found is that when the tap is relevant to the person, they will have difficulty saying it. They will trip over their words or say it as if it was a question. They will say it really fast and not pause after the phrase. They will also sometimes say it in a sing song voice; like they are telling a story.

The reason the taps include the phrase all moments is because in metaphysical terms, all our past lives are happening at once. Since we have been trained to be linear thinkers, this explanation may seem confusing. So think of saying “in all moments” is going into those experiences and changing the agreement where the first occurred.

A mistake people make is saying “in all MY moments” I correct them. We are not just changing the dynamics in one’s own experiences but also in the lives of others who are involved. Otherwise it is not as efficient a tap as it could be.. The whole purpose of these taps is to change one’s self at the core. It is like taking all their lifetimes, scooping them together and collecting them and aligning them all into the one present moment of now.

I also found that it is helpful to recant one’s vows between more than just people. It is helpful if someone feels wronged by a certain organization to recant those vows and agreements. Many people have lived many lifetimes through the crusades so they may have a contempt for the “Church” or the king of the time. If they don’t know who it is, they can use a description. They may say, the King of France or Feudalism.

They may even release their vows and agreement with a concept. A professional soldier may have agreed to go to war in the past and compelled to do so in this life. So a good tap to do would be recanting all vows and agreements with war; in all lifetimes. The list is endless since it is our agreements with these things that keep us anchored in our present experiences.

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