Releasing the Vegetative State


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I recently facilitated a session with a long time client who has overcome a lot of panic attacks through our sessions. In one of her earlier sessions I saw a more recent past life where she was very care free and driving a car around a cliff. She died as a very young man in that past life but we never saw the details.


In this life, she still cares too much about what people think of her. She also is still very uncomfortable going into hospitals or seeing surgical procedures. We have peeled off so many layers of horrific experiences that we are both surprised that there is more to discover and release in this area.


In her last session. I saw the end of her last lifetimes as the young man going around the cliff. She had gotten into a horrific accident and ended up on life support. I saw her hovering above the body and just watching all the horrific things being done to keep that body breathing. When the body did expire, it wasn’t a definitive state for her and part of her energy stayed trapped in the hospital for a very long time.


What surprised me next was that the client saw the scenario from the exact same vantage point; even though she didn’t realize she was seeing it. She just said, “It just occurred to me that the reason that I care what people think about me is because when I was laying in the hospital, I would watch medical staff and visitors come into my hospital room and talk about me”.


It was in that moment that I released what a hell it can be for some to be hooked up to life support. Here are some taps to assist that in that private hell of being in a vegetative state.

(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)

“I release the pain, fear and trauma of not being in control of my body, in all moments”

“I release the pain and trauma of being in a vegetative state; in all moments”

“I release the trauma of being hooked up to life support; in all moments”

“I release the fear and frustration of being locked out of my own body; in all moments”

“I release feeling energetically raped; in all moments”

“I release being stripped of my humanity; in all moments”

“I release losing my free will; in all moments”

“I release hating hospitals; in all moments”

“I release the pain and frustration of being trapped between worlds”.

“I release being stuck in a lack of completion; in all moments”

“I release the pain and trauma of not crossing over; in all moments”

“I shift my paradigm from trauma and insecurity to a state of completion; in all moments”

“I rest in the arms of divine Love; in all moments”

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